Participation conditions

About the Project

Creative workshop organized by Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre where participants gain experience and develop skills in various fields of filmmaking through working in international teams and close cooperation with professionals.

Conditions of participation are determined, participants are selected and the Project is executed by Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and its partners.

Rights of Intellectual Property

By participating in the Project, the participant understands and agrees that the outcomes of his/her creative activity during Summer Media Studio (renderings, performances, episodes, excerpts, fragments, pictures, etc.) are a property of Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy and can be used:

  • To create common renderings and realize them in the film market;
  • To advertise and present Lithuania Academy of Music and Theatre and Summer Media Studio by any means and form (without violating third party rights);
  • To advertise and present participant’s own by any means and form (without violating third party rights).
  • The Use of the Project’s Results

    Both the Organizer and the Participant have the right to initiate, organize and fulfill the promotion of the renderings created in the Project as well as realize them in the film market under these conditions:

  • Creation of the Project is presented as a product of Summer Media Studio; it is not distorted or altered in any way;
  • Co-creators, actors, organizers, partners, etc. are indicated as it is done in the final rendering/recording (exact names, pseudonyms, brand names, logotypes, etc.)
  • Profit (fee, price of licensing, financial prize, etc.), received by realizing a creation of the Project is allocated it the following way: 50% to the organizer 50% to the participant (and other authors/performers, according to their established agreements)
  • Safety

    The participant is personally responsible for their safety for the duration of the Project. One pledges not to act in a way that would result in threat and danger to the safety of other participants and property of organizers, and to take all measures possible to ensure such safety as well as immediately inform the organizer about any threats to one’s safety or health during the duration of the Project.

    Health of the Participant

    If the participant has not informed the organizer about their health condition, the organized takes no responsibility for the issues concerning the participant’s health that result due to such misinformation.

    Limitations and Prohibitions

    Any use of narcotic or other psychotropic substances during the Project is strictly forbidden. Failing to abide may result in one’s elimination of the Project.

    Any harm to oneself, other participants’ health, project’s inventory or other property that is caused while the participant is under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other psychotropic substances or drugs is a responsibility of the participant and they cover the detriment cost to the organizers and other participants.

    Personal Data Security

    The Participant agrees that their personal data and the information related to their participation in the Project can be used in realizing the Projects renderings and fulfilling relating intellectual Property Rights and other rights, including cooperation with Collective management organizations, users of the creations and other third parties. The organizer pledges to use only the relevant participant’s information for the mentioned purposes.

    Registration form

    Application deadline – 15 April, 23:59

    The selection process usually takes about a month. The selected participants will be informed via e-mail.