Best creators of SMS 2020: Sound and Music in Film:
Best music – Toma Čepaitė („Ledai prie jūros“)
Best edit – Paulius Orlovskis ir Simonas Mozūra („Ledai prie jūros“)
Best sound design – Gediminas Kulbokas ir Justas Balčiauskas („Sykį“)
Best cinematography – Paulius Orlovskis („Ledai prie jūros“)
Best actor – Rimantas Pelakauskas („Ledai prie jūros“)
Best actress – Digna Kulionytė („Namo“)
Best producer – Džiuginta Gabrielė Bacvinkienė („Sykį“)
Best director – Simonas Mozūra („Ledai prie jūros“)
Best film – „Sykį“ (rež. Kasparas Pilinkus)
Special Neringa municipality prize – „Sykį“ (rež. Kasparas Pilinkus)


Selected participants of various audiovisual art backgrounds will be informed via e-mail no later than July 30, 2020.

Summer Media Studio will take place in Neringa, Lithuania on 3-15 September. Selected students and young professionals must be able to partici- pate during all days.

Participation fee for each participant is 390 ā‚¬.

The cost covers accommodation and catering in Neringa, also travel from and to Vilnius.

About the project

SMS (Summer Media Studio) is a collaboration platform for young professionals of the audiovisual arts industry, who are eager to gain international contacts, improve their professional skills while learning to work with new technologies, facing and analyzing the changes of the industry and will create an opportunities for future artistic initiatives.

The main SMS event ā€“ two-week residential workshop ā€“ is ran in the Lithuaniaā€™s seaside area Neringa. Established in 1999, young film professionals and film school students are welcome to attend the workshop for the 22nd time. Here they will have the possibility to explore the specifics of Sound and Music in Film, itā€™s applicability in various film genres and produce a short film.

Sound and Music in Film

SMS focuses on the most essential and relevant subjects of films, searching for new important topics, which would explore theoretical and practical knowledge of young audiovisual arts creators in the field of the professional cinematography. SMS 2020 edition will focus on the topic of ā€œSound and Music in Filmā€¯.


The filmmaking process during the workshop is guided by audiovisual industry professionals. They give theoretical and practical lectures, individual consultations and mentor the filmmaking process.

David J. Bondelevitch

Music and dialogue editor, USA

Associate Professor in the Music and Entertainment Industry Studies Recording Arts Program at the University of Colorado Denver's College of Arts and Media. David is a music and dialogue editor and re-recording mixer. He won an Emmy in 2000 for Sound Editing on the highly rated TNT movie "The Hunleyā€¯. He has also won MPSE Golden Reel Awards for his work on the musical "Rubyā€™s" and the IMAX documentary film "Island of the Sharks." He has been nominated for Golden Reel Awards twenty-one times.

Zachary Spicer

Actor and producer, USA

Former lead instructor for 2 years at the acclaimed New York Film Academy in Acting of Film, Meisner Technique, Directing, Film Production, and Audition Technique. In 2015 Spicer founded the Indiana based production company Pigasus Pictures and is the lead producer on their feature films. In 2018 he founded the Bloomington Academy of Film & Theater (BAFT).

Mantautas Krukauskas

Music composer, LT

composer and sound artist, teacher at the Department of Composition of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, as well as Head of Music Innovation Studies Centre. His com- positions, including chamber music, audiovisual and sound art works, music for theatre productions have been per- formed in Lithuania, Austria, Germany, France, Canada, USA, and other countries. His interests comprise interdiscipli- narity, creativity, music and media technologies, and a syn- ergy of different aesthetic and cultural approaches.

lecturer photo

EglÄ— VertelytÄ—

Writer and Director

After gaining a bachelor's degree in History from Vilnius University, Egle Vertelyte continued her studies at the European Film College in Denmark and then went to study MA of Screenwriting at National Film and Television school. In 2009 Egle moved to Mongolia where she filmed her first feature length documentary "UB lama". The film has got 6 international awards, was screened in more than 20 international festivals and was sold to TV and cable worldwide. Her feature directorial debut "Miracle" that she has also written - was a success word wide. It had its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, was screened in around 50 festivals worldwide and won main Lithuanian film awards "Silver Crane" for best fiction feature film, best director, best writer, and best actress. At present Egle lives and works in Vilnius. Together with producer Lukas Trimonis they have found a company iN SCRiPT. They are developing and consulting narrative driven projects for TV, fiction and documentary films. Egle also works as a writer for several TV shows, collaborates as a writer with other film directors and teaches art of screenwriting in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater.

Learning experience

learning desktop
learning desktop

The whole workflow is carefully guided by the tutors: participants present pitching ideas and the tutors decide on which ones to be realized. Later on, all of the participants are divided in international teams of director, cinematographer, sound designer, producer, scriptwriter, and actors, they prepare for the shootings and go to the locations. After four days of hectic work, they sit by the computers and do the post production, write musical scores.

At the very last evening, final short films made by the participants will be screened. This is a truly special evening as they have an actual result which could be evaluated by themselves and the wide audience. Finally, the participants will have a feedback session on what aspects of the workflow they seek to develop further.

Each of the evening public film screenings will be held. Tutors will show their own movies or the ones that should be noted in the context of sound and music in film. These events will be open to the general public and will be followed up with discussions which will help to better absorb contents of the lectures, as well as learning about major industry stories that impact the ways of production. They will discuss the biggest industry changes and how the young filmmaker should adapt to it.

After the workshop each participant will receive 6 ECTS credits that are approved around higher education institutions worldwide.

When and where

Summer Media Studio 2020 will take a place from the 3-15 September, 2020 in Preila, (Neringa), Lithuania. SMS participants will shoot their short films in Neringa and Klaipeda regions.

Neringa with its UNESCO-inscribed scenery is the elite seaside resort of Lithuania. It is an exceptional place of recreation with unique nature and specific culture, which inspired and continues to inspire artists throughout the world. It spans a narrow peninsula called the Curonian Spit, merely 2 kilometers wide and 98 kilometers long, with half of that length in Lithuania.

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KlaipÄ—da is the third biggest city in Lithuania situated in the Western part of the country, just near the Baltic Sea. The city is the only ice-free sea port and the important economical, educational and transportation center in a country. The city offers a great range of locations: old pine forests, picturesque old town, industrial premises, Ship port and ferry terminals, Lithuanian Sea Museum and Dolphinarium and so much more!

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