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Summer Media Studio was originally established in 1999 by legendary Lithuanian film director and founder of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre Film and TV Department Henrikas Šablevičius. Several years later the lead was handed over to film director and producer Inesa Kulklietytė who is running the project to this day. She has not only developed a successful and sustainable workshop design but also created an impressive international contacts network which allows to invite world-known industry professionals to share their knowledge with creators who are taking their baby steps in the industry.

2001 Summer Video Studio
2002 Summer Video Studio
2003 Sound Vision In Film
2004 From Original Idea To A New Cinematic
2005 Serve Your Film
2006 Searching For Documentary Script
2007 Mastering the Dialogue Writing
2008 Camera Tells the Cinematic Story
2009 Vilnius: Alive Docs
2010 Actor In Cinema

2011 Editing: a Birth of a Film
2012 Music and Sound in Film
2013 Dance in Film
2014 Producer in Film
2015 Film Editing Philosophy
2016 Interactive Dance in Film

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